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1-3 Year Warranty

Purchase with confidence! Elevated Legs are back with a full  warranty on our Pumps, hoses and garments against manufacture defects. (Normal wear and tear from use is not covered.)

If your Elevated Legs experience a manufacture defect during the warranty period, we will replace or repair the defective component. Repair or replacement is at the discretion of Elevated Legs.  We recommend you take care where and how you use Elevated Legs. Hole punctures, hoses pulling apart,  Hose connection breaking due to being forced apart, water damage, rips and tears are not covered by the warranty. Elevated Legs are intended to be portable and designed for travel but care should be taken as these are electronic devices and are sensitive to the elements and impacts caused by drops, hard hits etc. Keep sharp and hard objects away from Garments as they are an inflatable product and punctures will cause failure. Clean Garment regularly with a mild anti bacterial solution to keep oils from skin form accumulating and damaging the garments.

Elevated legs Performance Series are for individual personal use and not designed for Commercial use. Performance Series is Covered with a 1 year Warranty does not cover commercial use.

Elevated Legs Platinum Series are for personal and/or commercial. Platinum Series is covered with a 2 year warranty.

Elevated Legs Pro Series are for personal and/or commercial use and above warranty does cover the Pro Series when used commercially. Pro series is covered by a 3 year warranty.

Shipping charges may apply on warranty items sent in for repair or replacement after 90days from purchase.

Repair and replacement parts are available should the product incur any problems outside of the warranty period. Please email for service.