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Frequently Asked Questions

I noticed that Elevated Legs™ are about half the cost of your competitors. How are you able to market a product that is so much less expensive?

Primarily through direct to consumer sales and a lower profit margin. We committed to bringing a high-quality, medical-grade, digital pneumatic compression device to market at a price point that all athletes can afford. We want everyone to be able to realize the benefits of improved recovery.

How do Elevated Legs™ compare to your competitors?

We use a digitally-controlled, Class 2 Medical Grade compression pump with integrated, one-touch hoses, and high-quality, long-lasting garment material. We have the broadest ranges of pump control settings to help you dial in the compression to your specific recovery needs and a lower price point. Check out our product comparison chart for additional details – link here.

How will Elevated Legs™ aid my recovery?

The digitally-controlled compression on Circulation Mode starts at your feet and fills each of the four chambers of the leg sleeves sequentially to help increase blood circulation and clear metabolic waste more quickly than your body would normally. Since that metabolic waste is such a significant obstacle to increasing your Lactate Threshold and VO2 Max, clearing it quickly and efficiently will help speed your recovery and translate into more effective training and improved performance.

When is the best time to use my Elevated Legs™ and for how long?

For improved recovery, we find that the best time to use Elevated Legs is immediately after your workout for about 30 minutes on Compression Mode. This helps to reduce soreness, increase blood circulation, and clear metabolic waste. If you are unable to use them immediately after your workout, we’ve also had positive results using them in the evening for 30 minutes or more. Elevated Legs™ can also be used as part of your warm-up. Try them for 15 – 20 minutes before a workout to increase circulation and get your muscles feeling fresh and ready to go.

What is your warranty on Elevated Legs?

Performance Series = 1 year full system, Platinum Series = 2 Years full system and Pro Series = 3 Years on pump, 2 years on hoses and garments. Please see our warranty page for additional details.

How should I take care of my Elevated Legs?

We suggest wearing your Elevate Legs<sup>™</sup> over tights or pants when you can to help keep them clean and protect them from any potential long-term damage from the oils from your skin. If you do wear over your bare legs, you should clean the leg sleeves regularly with a mild cleaner to remove the oils from your body.

What should I do if my Elevated Legs are damaged?

Customer service is our biggest priority. Please contact us via email at so that we can evaluate the damage and determine the appropriate action.

What is your return policy for Elevated Legs?

Non-sale merchandise may be returned (subject to the exceptions below), less a 10% restocking fee, within 30 days of the date of purchase for a refund. Non-sale merchandise is in new, unopened, unused condition with tags attached and accompanied by the original sales receipt. The 10% restocking fee is not applicable to exchanges for like items. After 30 days from the date of purchase, non-sale merchandise in new, unused condition with tags attached may be returned for store credit only, less the 10% restocking fee.  Any item returned without the original sales receipt will receive store credit in the amount of the lowest sale price per item during the preceding 60 days, less the 10% restocking fee.

How do I determine what size pair of Elevated Legs will fit me correctly?

We offer 3 sizes of Elevated Legs to help ensure a good fit for everyone. You should start by measuring your inseam and matching that measurement to the appropriate size leg sleeves.
Small fits a 27” – 31”inseam,
Medium fits a 31” – 34” inseam,
Large fits a 34” and over inseam.

Are there certain situations that would make it unsafe for me to use Elevated Legs?

Yes – there may be certain medical conditions or individual situations that would make it unsafe for someone to use Elevated Legs. The Elevated Legs compression pump and inflatable garment sleeves systems, including leg sleeves, arm sleeves, and half pant sleeves, are intended for sports recovery use and to temporarily relieve soreness, minor muscle aches, and to temporarily increase circulation to treated areas. These devices are not provided to treat any medical condition. Please see our Use and Safety page for additional details.

Do you offer any sponsorship programs?

Yes and no. Here’s the deal, one of the main reasons we founded Elevated Legs is to provide an affordable digital pneumatic compression device to a broader range of athletes and race teams.  Our prices at full retail are close to half the cost of our main competitors in this market.  We sell to primarily Athletes and have set our pricing so they can afford them.  If you feel you have a unique opportunity to market and spread the word about our Legs we love to speak with you. If you are a great Athlete we hope our legs will make you even better! Please understand we cannot “sponsor” every athlete which is basically every customer we have.

Do we allow retail stores or coaches to sell Elevated Legs?

We’re always looking for business owners, CrossFit gyms, fitness centers, sports medicine practitioners, and coaches who are as passionate and dedicates as we are to educate other about the benefits of using Elevated Legs™. Please see our Affiliate Program page for additional details.

Where can I demo Elevated Legs?

We’re constantly working to introduce people to the affordable, personal, and improved recovery that Elevated Legs can provide by demoing them at group runs, running events, cycling races, triathlons, ski races and more. Check out our Event Schedule for additional details.