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Simon Donato

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About This Project

A life-time athlete, Simon grew up ski racing (and coaching), studying Kenpo Karate, playing soccer, football, and baseball, before falling in love with mountain biking and adventure racing. Since then, Simon has become an accomplished ultra-endurance athlete, having competed in numerous adventure races and ultra marathons.

In 2008, he founded Adventure Science, a company that combined his passion for field-based research with ultra-endurance athletics as a way of giving back, and making a difference. The first project was a search for then missing pilot, Steve Fossett. Since 2008, Adventure Science has conducted eight projects, ranging from studying the relationship between ultra-running and muscle damage, to searching for undiscovered archaeological ruins in the Middle East, to searching for missing people and airplanes.

In July 2012, Simon launched a new television series called Boundless. The idea for the series grew from his documentary “Go Death Racer”. During the shooting for Boundless, he, and long-time friend Paul Trebilcock, traveled the globe for 126 days competing in 8 grueling ultra-endurance races, ranging from stand-up paddle boarding, to running across the Sahara desert. He is currently filming season 2.