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So, if you’re anything like us, you give it all you have to be your best. Pre-dawn workouts are not uncommon. Lunch runs/rides are probably the norm. Weekends you’re training.  You push…you dig deep…you sacrifice, giving your all to perform your best. But are you getting the most out of every workout? If you are not taking deliberate action to ensure your are recovery properlry between workouts than good chance you are not.

What if we told you there was an incredibly enjoyable way to massage your tired, sore legs, mid section or arms from the convenience of your home, office or event? Nice, right.

Elevated Legs combines an easy to use FDA Cleared Medical Grade Digital LED Pump and 4 chamber compression garment that fills with air to apply pressure sequentially up the leg, arm or mid section. By applying and releasing pressure, Elevated Legs increases blood flow, creating a flushing effect… Think super charged Active Recovery while relaxing and having someone wrapping their hands around your entire leg, so nice! New for 2018 our Patent Pending removable Gel Pack Liner allows you to add Cold or Heat Therapy to make the ultimate recovery experience. 

With 10 on demand pressure levels, you can treat yourself to a light restful squeeze, a medium flushing pressure medically shown to best promote circulation or a nice tight squeeze to work out tight sore hard trained muscles. Our digital pump even offers the ability to pinpoint specific muscle groups by focusing all the pressure through specific chambers. This feature is an athlete favorite for good reason. Tight IT Bands, Calves, Hastrings, Quads can now be massaged at your convenience. And unlike a foam roller that can only reach certain areas, requires you to roll around on the floor and can often be way overdone leaving you injured, Elevated Legs offers you a comfortable yet firm massage from the comfort of your favorite recliner chair. 

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