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Brand Ambassador Application

Squeezers Wanted

Each year hundreds of Athletes reach out to us looking for sponsorship. It seems the word has gotten out that Elevated Legs are a must have in any competitive athlete’s tool chest. The ability to recover better between workouts and races can lead to better performance and stave off injuries both of which are key to an athlete’s success.

As a small business owned and operated by athletes, we understand the challenge many competitive athletes face in funding, not just their career, but also important tools like Elevated Legs. We developed our ambassador program as a way for Professional and Amateur Athletes as well as Coaches to partner with us so we can help each other.

So, how does it work? The concept is mutual support through partnership. Qualify Athletes will receive a nice discount on our Platinum Recovery Systems, some fun swag like water bottles, stickers, T-shirts and such, showcasing on our website and a sweet referral kickback for any sale they send our way. That’s right, we set you up “sweet” and pay you for sharing the “squeeze”.  We believe sharing the love of our product is easy and the opportunities for you as a sponsored athlete are great. We don’t know anyone who owns these and doesn’t love them! We demo to 5,000 plus athletes per year and pretty much all we ever hear is, ” these feel amazing”, “wow these are awesome”. We need athletes like you to help us share this awesomeness to all the athletes we can’t! You need Elevated Legs to recover and perform better, we need cool athletes to help us spread the word. Let’s help each other! 

More details will follow on everything cool about this program and each and every application will be personally reviewed for consideration!

Brand Ambassador Application

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