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Professional athletes from the NFL, NBA, and NHL, as well as pro Triathletes, Cyclists, Swimmers, Soccer Players and Olympians have been reaping the benefits of pneumatic compression for years. So why are so few amateur and endurance athletes using this technology to improve their performance? Part of the reason is that so few of them know how and why this technology works. But the main reason is that the cost of the popular brands is simply puts compression out of reach. At a starting price of around $1,200 or more for a set of compression boots and pump, most of us just don’t have the luxury of exploring this option to help aid our recovery.  But it doesn’t have to be that way.

As endurance athletes ourselves, we wanted high-quality, affordable compression that could help us recover and perform our best. With competitor brands running running as high as $1999, we decided that our best chance of owning this recovery tool was to bring a product the sports market ourselves. At about ½ the cost of the above-mentioned competitors, we offer athletes like ourselves a comfortable, high-quality and very effective set of compression boots. With units starting at $749.99 and backed by  a 1-2 year warranty, we offer a superior value, period! Hundreds of Athletes from Professional to weekend warriors use Elevated Legs as a daily part of their recovery routine to enjoy some relaxation and keep their legs feeling light, loose and fresh. 

One of Elevated Legs big standouts is the higher pressure settings. While much of the medical science shows that the 80-100 mmHg of pressure is ideal  for increasing blood flow and flushing metabolic waste, that pressure is not high enough for many athletes to experience a massage effect to loosen up tight, sore muscles.. Fully adjustable from 20 to a powerful 200mmHg of pressure, Elevated Legs offers athletes the ability to flush at 100mmHg and then pinpoint muscle groups at a higher setting to really work out those tight IT bands, knees, calves, and hamstrings. We are often told a session in our Legs is like having a foam roller working over your entire leg! Athlete’s LOVE our high pressure massage!

Available in 3 lengths to fit most athletes, Elevated Legs offers more than just flushing of metabolic waste and increased blood flow, we also offer a very powerful massage tool and we do so for about 1/2 the cost of our competitors. Trying is believing. 

Not sure you’ll like em’? Rent a set (link here) and see for yourself just how awesome it is to recover daily in Elevated Legs!

Founders- Jonathan And Kathy Davis

Founders- Jonathan And Kathy Davis