Running Ragnar? Pre-order your Elevated Legs and have them delivered for free at the race pre-order yours today!

You’ve got this!

… Toe to Top Full Leg Massage after every run!  Elevated Legs compression turns your team van into a place to relax and rejuvenate before taking on your next leg!

For just $140 you will have 24/7 personal access to compression massage for the duration of your race! Cost Even includes Delivery or Shipping Fed-Ex to and from your race!

Cost for Rental is $140 and now includes free shipping or delivery ( Excluding HI and Canada events).  That’s just $23.33 per person for road event with 6 per van or $17.50 for 8 person trail team. $20 bucks or so to have a compression massage before and after each of your runs maybe the best $ you will ever spend.  If we are attending the event then pick-up and returning of the legs will be done on site at exchange 6 and the finish. If we are not attending the event we will ship you the system Wednesday prior to the race start and include a return fed-ex label for you to ship it back after the race.  Most runners will have the systems delivered to either to their home or hotel where they are staying for the race.  Rentals must be scheduled by the Thursday 1 week prior to the event to ensure enough time to ship the system to you. If you miss the Thursday prior cut off we can ship expedited for an additional charge. All rentals must ship back to us the Monday following the event so the next group of Ragnar runners can get the systems in time. An additional charge of $20 per day will be added for rentals not shipped back by the Tuesday following the event. Your fellow Ragnar runners appreciate you getting these back to us right away so they can enjoy at their event, Thank You 🙂 If you have additional questions please give us a call at 303-582-0646 and we will be happy to help you out!

Rental systems include: Platinum Series Compression System, 6 Pairs of Scrubs to keep the massager clean and sanitary and a 12V power inverter to allow you to run the system off your team vans power supply. Everything you need to squeeze out the best run of your life!

Toe to Top Full Leg Massage Available on Demand

So, if you’re anything like us, you give it all you have to be your best. Pre-dawn workouts are not uncommon. Lunch runs/rides are probably the norm. Weekends you’re training.  You push…you dig deep…you sacrifice, giving your all to perform your best. But are you getting the most out of every workout? If you are not taking deliberate action to ensure your are recovery properlry between workouts than good chance you are not.

What if we told you there was an incredibly enjoyable way to massage your tired, sore legs, mid section or arms from the convenience of your home, office or event? Nice, right.

Elevated Legs combines an easy to use Medical Grade Digital LED  Pump and 4 chamber compression garment that fills with air to apply pressure sequentially up the leg, arm or mid section. By applying and releasing pressure, Elevated Legs increases blood flow, creating a flushing effect… Think super charged Active Recovery while relaxing and having someone wrapping their hands around your entire leg, so nice!

With 10 on demand pressure levels, you can treat yourself to a light restful squeeze, a medium flushing pressure medically shown to best promote circulation or a nice tight squeeze to work out tight sore hard trained muscles. Our digital pump even offers the ability to pinpoint specific muscle groups by focusing all the pressure through specific chambers. This feature is an athlete favorite for good reason. Tight IT Bands, Calves, Hastrings, Quads can now be massaged at your convenience. And unlike a foam roller that can only reach certain areas, requires you to roll around on the floor and can often be way overdone leaving you injured, Elevated Legs offers you a comfortable yet firm massage from the comfort of your favorite recliner chai

Only way to get through Ragnar with little pain and epic runs!!! Brianna, Napa Ragnar

I couldn’t imagine doing a Ragnar with out these! Christina, CO Ragnar

Best thing ever!!! It was wonderful to have this available during the Ragnar Ultra Relay. Saved my legs durning my first ultra!! Thanks!! Jessica, Hill Country Ragnar