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Still not convinced by the mounting scientific studies and reviews from your coach and racing buddies about how amazing your legs will feel after using pneumatic compression? Concerned about whether the recovery results you experience will justify the expense? Or maybe you just haven’t had the chance to try pneumatic compression yet. Then our Elevated Legs Rental Program is for you.

About the Elevated Legs rental program

We developed the Rental Program because we understand some Athletes may not be in a position to purchase a set of legs for themselves or maybe they just want to give them a try before purchasing.

Either way we want Athletes to have the opportunity to try out Elevated Legs for themselves on a daily basis. Whether you just want to insert them as a recovery tool into you normal, daily training plan or you’re looking for that extra edge leading up to an important event, we think the best way to evaluate the benefits for yourself is to use them.  We confident you’ll be impressed by how effective Elevated Legs are at reducing inflammation, massaging out sore muscles and speeding up your recovery between efforts.


Rentals must be returned in clean and undamaged condition. Any damages incurred from misuse or abuse we be charged to client through forfeit of deposit. Pump should not be dropped or exposed to the elements. Leg sleeves must not be used around sharp objects as they can be punctured. Please wear clean pants when using and do not exposed to bare skin. Exposing to blood from a scrap or cut will forfeit deposit. Do not use in un clean environments where sleeves and hoses can become dirty. Always ensure the pump is sitting flat when in use so the internal mechanics function properly and are not damaged. Elevated Legs are a high quality digital compression unit that require reasonable care when using.