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Every year we receive 100+  sponsorship requests. As small business we strive to offer excellent customer service and help as many athletes as we can but, with so many requests it is often hard for us to give everyone a personal response. To best help you with sponsorship requests please use the link below to learn more about our Ambassador Program.  Please only submit sponsorship requests through the Ambassador Program link below.  Requests submitted through the contact us link to the right will unfortunately not be responded to. Thank you.

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We are an athlete-owned, independent company located in the mountains just outside of Golden, Colorado. We’re passionate about our product and love interacting with our customers. The best way to reach us is through email. Fill out the form below to email us directly.

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Our phone number is 303-582-0646. Often our phone service is limited so we suggest you use this contact form for the best possible customer service. We spend over 300 days a year on the road visiting events and helping athletes have a great race experience and recovery.