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Elevated Legs – Athlete Recovery System


Your personal recovery system

Your recovery routine is just as important as your training. Our personal athletic recovery systems provide a convenient, easy way for you to recover faster and more effectively in order to get the most out of your next training session.

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Perform your best!

Better recovery leads to more productive training days and ultimately better performance come race day.

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Relax...You've earned it!

Sit back, put up your legs and let Elevated Legs massage out tired muscles and help you relax with the amazing feeling of increased circulation flowing through your legs

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Why Elevated Legs Compression?

Faster Recovery

Increased blood flow helps to clear fatigue causing metabolites and reduce inflammation.

Better Performance

Recover more quickly and effectively to improve your performance.

Superior Value

High-quality Pneumatic Compression Systems and Accessories for an affordable price.

Athlete Owned

For many of us, where we shop matters!


Platinum Series

 Athlete Massager for home, office, or at events

Compression Modes: Sequential (Circulation), Peristaltic (Massage)

Inflation Time: 30 seconds per chamber

Leg Sleeve: 4 chamber 1 quick and easy hose connection

Pressure Intensity: 10 Levels of adjustability. Light, Flush and Massage Range.

Warranty: Full 2 year warranty, FDA Cleared



Performance Series

Built for Athlete use in home, office, or at events

Compression Modes: Sequential (Circulation), Peristaltic (Massage)

Inflation Time: 30 seconds

Leg Sleeve: 4 chamber 8 hose connections

Pressure Intensity: 10 Levels of adjustability. Light, Flush and Massage Range.

Warranty: 1 year warranty, FDA Cleared

Retail $799.99   Special offer: $689.99


Athlete Feedback and Reviews

It has been my experience that when competing in events with road races followed a few hours later by time trials my wattage output after using Elevated Legs is over 10% higher than if I forget and leave them at home.

James Waller

“Besides questions about my diet, the most frequent question I get asked is ‘what do you do for recovery?’ Without hesitation, the answer I give is Elevated Legs. Helping my body heal after a tough workout or race is paramount to my continued success as an athlete and I consider Elevated Legs to be a vital part of that healing process.In truth, I can’t say enough good about them! They feel great, they’re easy to use, and they work! So, please continue to ask me about my recovery. There’s really no secret. Eat right and throw on a pair of Elevated Legs.”

Erica Tingey Jamis - Pro MTB

I just wanted to touch basis with you guys and let you know I am enjoying my legs as much as ever! I literally couldnt wait to get home this weekend just so I could sit in them

Liz Baugher Professional Triathlete, OutRival Racing Coach

​As a professional ultra endurance mountain biker, I race some of the longest and hardest single and multi-day races all around the world. Between the amount of hard work I demand from my body and a demanding travel schedule, I have always struggled with recovery. I've been able to recover faster than ever before with daily use of Elevated Legs. A great product and I love the people behind Elevated Legs. They live with passion and play as hard as I do!

Sonya Looney Pro MTB Racer. Writer. Speaker. Media. Marketing.

As an athlete I've been able to have more hard training days to improve my power and speed. As a coach I recommend all my clients use Elevated Legs daily to improve their recovery time, they have simply been a game changer for me and my clients.

Curt Wilhelm Coach

After a minor set back last season due to an injury, I am back training full speed and wanted to have the best possible recovery. I got a pair of Elevated Legs in March and I have noticed a big difference with fresher legs after my hardest rides.

Amy McSizzle Mountain Bike - Team YetiBeti

Thanks to elevated legs and 92fifty, I\'m having my best mountain bike season to date! In six races I have finished out of the top 15 only once this year!! No matter if it is a training ride or after a race the first thing I want is to get into my compression legs and help speed up my recovery time! Especially helpful if you race and then have a long drive back afterwards, I\'ll stop into a coffee shop and plug in before we hit the road home... It\'s hard to believe something so simple can make so much difference in recovery....

Bob Stephens UEFR cycling team

Thanks to Elevated Legs for helping me feel ready to compete in two 100 Mile mountain bike races in 7 days. We traveled for over 40 hours in the vehicle for these events with zero riding time in between. If you are short on time and cannot fit in recovery rides and/or pre-rides before events, then using Elevated Legs are essential! At every race I have competed in this year, I have not had the dreaded 'Car Leg Syndrome'! Thanks from myself and Balance Point Racing

Stephen Ushy Balance Point Racing

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Denver Sports Recovery Club

The experts at Denver Sports Recovery  say it is important to have an athletic recovery plan not only after your races but before too. Elevated Legs™ can be found at all locations for a great addition to your training.


Brand Ambassador Program

Every year we have hundreds of athletes reach out to us for sponsorship. As athletes ourselves we understand very well how important support can be for competitive athletes. To help we’ve created a pretty cool ambassador program that can help athletes gain support from us. This program enables us to support competitive athletes from a multitude of sports. Crossfit, Swimming, Baseball, Football, Soccer, Runners, Cyclists, Skiers and more.

Want to become a brand ambassador?

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  • True Grit 100, St. George UT, Mar 12 – Recovery Booth


  • Ragnar So Cal – San Diego, CA April 1st-2nd – Recovery Booth and Rentals Available
  • Epic Rides Whiskey 50 –  Prescott AZ, April 28-31. Recovery Booth and Rentals Available


  • Ragnar Zion, UT – May 13-14. Recovery Booth
  • Epic Rides Grand Junction 40, CO. May 19-22

News & Research

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