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Elevated Legs – Athlete Recovery System


Your personal recovery system

Your recovery routine is just as important as your training. Our personal athletic recovery systems provide a convenient, easy way for you to recover faster and more effectively in order to get the most out of your next training session.

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Perform your best!

Better recovery leads to more productive training days and ultimately better performance come race day.

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Relax...You've earned it!

Sit back, put up your legs and let Elevated Legs massage out tired muscles and help you relax with the amazing feeling of increased circulation flowing through your legs

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Why Elevated Legs Compression?

Faster Recovery

Increased blood flow helps to clear fatigue causing metabolites and reduce inflammation.

Better Performance

Recover more quickly and effectively to improve your performance.

Superior Value

High-quality Pneumatic Compression Systems and Accessories for an affordable price.

Athlete Owned

For many of us, where we shop matters!

Platinum Series

 Athlete Massager for home, office, or at events

Compression Modes: Sequential (Circulation), Peristaltic (Massage)

Inflation Time: 30 seconds per chamber

Leg Sleeve: 4 chamber 1 quick and easy hose connection

Pressure Intensity: 10 Levels of adjustability. Light, Flush and Massage Range.

Warranty: Full 2 year warranty, FDA Cleared


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Denver Sports Recovery Club

The experts at Denver Sports Recovery  say it is important to have an athletic recovery plan not only after your races but before too. Elevated Legs™ can be found at all locations for a great addition to your training.

Upcoming Events



  • True Grit 100, St. George UT, Mar 11 – Recovery Booth
  • Moab Rocks Stage Race, Moab UT, March 25-27  Recovery Booth and Rentals Available
  • Ragnar Austin, TX, March 31-April 1 – Recovery Booth and Rentals Available


  • Ragnar So Cal – San Diego, CA April 7th-8th – Recovery Booth and Rentals Available
  • North shore Ragnar –  HI, April 21st-22nd. Recovery Booth and Rentals Available


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